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Blues Based Shred Guitar Improvisation

Blues Based Shred Guitar Improvisation

The music book publisher, 'Fundamental Changes', started a competition in their Facebook group asking members to post a video of themselves playing to a blues-style backing track, which they pre-selected. The competition is not based on skill. The winner will be picked at random on April 15th 2021. Nonetheless, the competition seemed like a good excuse to work on my pentatonic scale, so I thought I'd make a submission. The above video represents my entry to the competition. It shows me improvising using the e minor pentatonic and blues scales, demonstrating various shred patterns that can be used to rip it up on the pentatonic. The backing track is from the book, 100 Classic Blues Licks for Guitar. I don't own the book, but trying my hand at a little blues guitar provided a breath of fresh air. See the book and site @ Also, for anyone interested in which particular Fundamental Changes books I would recommend, I'd say that 'Sweep Picking Speed Strategies' and '100 Arpeggio Licks for Shred Guitar' by Chris Brooks have been very helpful in improving my technique. Also, for the type of licks shown in the above post, 'Ultimate Shred Machine' by Chris Zoupa is a must buy. Be sure to check out my other shred guitar improvisation video as well. For my other web content and social links see my personal site: Enjoy!


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