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Bitsko symbolism

1. An article in which I prove Kent State University and the U.S. Government (FBI) conspired to murder a Kent State Football Player, Jason Bitsko.  I show that the death links to the death of rocker Dimebag Darrell and the May 4th shootings, suggesting that the government conspired to carry out these attacks as well.

gar and menza

2. An article in which I present evidence suggesting that Nick Menza of Megadeth was murdered by the FBI.  The article introduces the D.C. Comic Book Villain M.O.'s which the government uses to signal their interventions in society.

DC Comics

3. An article in which I present clear and convincing evidence of being stalked on a mass scale extending to the upper echelons of politics with D.C. level political figures.

on the road 2

4. In this article I document a major campaign of stalking on the ground using vanity plates on the road.  The plates are clearly linked the FBI field office in Cleveland, confirming them as a source of organized stalking.  The plates prove the otherwise extraordinary -- that the FBI and law enforcement are in command of a large snitching apparatus that they are capable of mobilizing on command to stalk and harass a target.


5. An article in which I show some of the different ways in which satellite dish weapons can be used to manipulate behavior.  By showing me how they could manipulate the behavior of insects, the government demonstrated that these same principles could be used to manipulate the behavior of humans, including large groups of people.

Bad Blood and Cloud 9

6. In this article I present evidence confirming that the government is using celebrities to stalk me, including none other than pop megastar Taylor Swift.

Avicci and Prince Death Proven - Copy

7. A brief but highly convincing article in which I prove that the U.S. government conspired to murder the pop stars Prince and Avicii.

False Flag Terror Cover

8. An extended monograph in which I present a preponderance of evidence suggesting that the U.S. government is behind nearly every mass shooting and terrorist attack on American soil.  I further detail the workings of the federal mind control apparatus which appears to be operating under the guise of community policing'.

billie and davies

9. An article proving that the Billie Eilish superfan, Skylar Davies was murdered by the U.S. government using satellite dish based weaponry.

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