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Welcome to the Personal Website of Stephen D. Mullet, PhD

I am a doctoral graduate in sociology with a degree from Kent State University.  You can obtain my M.A. thesis here, and my dissertation here.


On my blog you will find articles documenting my experiences being trafficked in a U.S. government program resembling the CIA’s Project Monarch, and the FBI’s Cointelpro.  In these articles I prove widespread practice of government sponsored false flag terrorism, including an ongoing practice of extrajudicial homicide of innocent U.S. civilians, celebrities, and other public figures.  My allegations are legitimate.  This is not another disinformation site.  

The exhibits section contains a collection of ‘money shots’, which represent some of the most compelling pieces of evidence proving a government-perpetrated campaign of organized stalking directed towards me in the mass media.  The synchronicities presented are proof that role placements in society are not the result of 'market forces', but the result of a hands-on process administered by the government through their all-pervasive snitching system known as the 'Community Oriented Policing' (COPS) program.  If you are looking for a quick glimpse at some of the best pieces of evidence that my site has to offer then this is the 'go-to’ spot.  

The video’s section contains a number of videos establishing a pattern of domestic stalking, abuse, and torture that the FBI and local police perpetrated against me for 8 years at my housing locations using their informant network (i.e., the COPS program).  Despite conclusive video proof of harassment, all my complaints were falsely investigated by the local police due to their active complicity in the harassment.  My YouTube channel contains a more complete set of videos proving my allegations.

I am also an avid musician, with guitar being my primary instrument.  I seek to merge styles and create fresh new sounds in my musical work. Check it out under the music tab.

If you have any questions or comments on any of my content, feel free to email me at


Also, despite the government's attempts to false light me, I own no weapons and pose no threat.  I am here exposing law enforcement for widespread misconduct and am here to put a stop to terroristic violence.  The defamatory representations the FBI is placing in the mass media are intended to vilify me as a victim of long-running misconduct by law enforcement and Kent State University, where I was sex trafficked for ten years under the guise of a covert investigation and government program.  

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